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Database Sync Tool - DBSync
Support a Variety of Databases
DBSync is a lightweight desktop software used for database comparison and synchronization, it can identify the differences between two DB and synchronize them to keep both identical.
  DBSync Structure
1. Main Features:
● Direct and Simple to Use
It’s very direct and simple to use DBSync. You don’t even need to install it, just download it and unzip it to use.
● Support a Variety of Databases
DBSync supports a variety of databases such as Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server, Access, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, DB2, ES, SQLite, Firebird, etc.
● Support Heterogeneous Sync
Besides sync between same type of DB, DBSync can also sync between different type of DB, such as SQL Server to MySQL, MySQL to Oracle, etc.
● Remote and Cross-Platform Sync
Besides sync between local DB, DBSync can also sync between local DB and remote DB, as long as they can be connected the sync task can be done.
● Support Incremental Sync
Besides sync full data in DB, DBSync can also sync only the incremental data, it can find out the differences between two DB and sync only the differences. This makes sync process more efficient.
● Support Bidirectional Sync
The data in DB can be divided into multiple logic parts, each part can has it’s own sync direction to achieve bidirectional sync in overall, this is useful for the sync for distributed system.
● Support 1-to-N and N-to-1 Sync
Some company has a headquarter DB and several branch DB, DBSync can distribute headquarter data to branches or collect branch data to headquarter, 1-to-N and N-to-1 sync are both supported.
● Data Filtering and Processing
You can limit data range involved in sync task, the range can be whole DB or some tables in DB or some rows & fields in table, you can filter them as you like.
● Support Binary Field
Some field hold binary type, such as byte[], image or object field, they are used for storing image files or binary data, sync of these fields are supported in DBSync.
● Nearly Real-time Sync
The minimum interval time for repeated sync can be 1 second. Once the source DB changes, the changed data can be synced to target DB in 1 second, the response is nearly real-time.
● Sync Unattended
DBSync can run unattended, even thought the network is interrupted, or the computer is restarted, the sync process can restore automatically when the failure restored, no data will lost.
● Except Notification
DBSync can send except notification. Once error occurs during sync, it can send an Email to you so that you can handle the failure in time.
2. How It Works
How DBSync Works
The mechanism of DBSync is simple and straight, it uses neither transaction logs nor triggers, it reads data from both sides, scans and compares them, finds out the differences, then writes incremental data into target to keep both identical. There are two working modes:
The first is the simple scan mode, which scans and compares the entire table for each sync, which is suitable for small volume of data (less than 100 million levels) and low real-time requirements.
The second is the incremental scan mode. It can remember the time for each sync, and scan only the incremental data in the next sync. Since sync is performed regularly, the increment between two syncs is very small and the speed is very fast. It is suitable for large volume of data (more than 100 million levels) and high real-time requirements.
DBSync has no hand in internal processes of the database and scans only the data itself, this makes it widely applicable, highly reliable, and easy to use.

More detail, please see DBSync User Manual(.PDF)

3. Running Environment
DBSync is designed to run in windows system. You can install DBSync on the side of source DB or the side of target DB, or install it on a third-party computer. Any computer that can connect to the database can install DBSync.
4. Price
We provide two versions: free version and official version, both can be installed locally, used permanently, and can be upgraded for free forever.
The free version can not automatic sync repeatly, others are the same as the full version. Therefore, if you only sync occasionally, you can use the free version.
The full version can sync automatically at regular intervals and can work all time for you, so it is charged. The price is 1000 US$/license.
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